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Smugshots special – best of 2007

December 20, 2007

Smugshots special – best of 2007

We’ve chosen 20 of your funniest snaps from more than 2,000 sent to smugshots during 2007

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View the weekly galleries and winners

Since we began our smugshot feature nearly two years ago, you have contributed huge numbers of holiday snaps – some exceedingly smug, some showing you getting up to all sorts in dramatic locations, and some hilariously silly.

The first gallery featured below is Times Online’s selection of the best 20 smugshots from 2007.

The Sunday Times continues to publish one each week, the winner claiming a magnum of champagne, and here at Times Online we publish the best on a weekly basis.

The wit and invention of our readers never fails to amaze. And we want you to keep them coming. If you don’t look overwhelmingly self-satisfied and superior you may not win – unless you manage to be as daft as a brush and silly as a sausage. Oh, and we love to see contributors leaping like salmon and jumping for joy.

Our other latest galleries are a round-up of the best smugs from October to December and a lion special.

And you can check out galleries of ski images from this season, along with a gallery of smug winter sports shots.

You will also find here galleries of your travelling toy companions – started by a series of smug pictures of Syd the Bear, we threw open the challenge to find the most widely travelled bear.

Some of you have accused us of being bear-iest, so bowing to public opinion, we also present a gallery of non-bear-but-travelling-toy-companions.

Where does it end? It doesn’t. During October, we ran a competition to find the funniest signs seen on your travels – you can see the resulting article and slideshows left at Signs of the Times.

Back with more straightforward smugshots, during the summer we featured the best of your summer smugshots. We include a gallery of the best from the summer months.

And we are continously picking through the rest of the entries to feature themes and locations from around the world. Included here are the a batch of destinations – Egypt, Australia, New Zealand and Bolivia’s salt flats.

The salt flat theme has been picked up by dozens of you. Other popular optical illusions include standing nose-to-nose with the Sphinx and holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Now we’d like you to think even more unconventionally and imaginatively. Can you fashion a new smug fashion?


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