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The 20 best read travel features of 2007

December 21, 2007

The 20 best read travel features of 2007

There’s only sure fire way to draw up a definitive list of best travel features – the ones you read most

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Exploding fireworks

1. Sex ban on the Airbus A380 – Steve Bleach got the lowdown on Singapore Airlines’ ‘no sex’ rules for the double bed suites, and quizzed the first passengers (488,701 hits, 147 comments)

2. Signs of the Times – you entered hundreds of photos of amusing signs from around the world, we selected the final 30 and you chose the winner… (114,674 hits, 34 comments)

3. The 25 wonders of the world – the Pyramids, fine. But Las Vegas must be ironic. What next . . . Dollywood? (106,216 hits, 104 comments)

4. Britain’s perfect pitches – adventure, romance, showers, zero guilt; a night under canvas has it all, says the editor of the Cool Camping guides (72,306 hits, 5 comments)

5. The Top 20 beach holidays – Surf, sunbathing or scenery? Mark Hodson has found your perfect stretch of sand (70,512 hits, 13 comments)

6. The best pubs in England and Wales – Alastair Sawday reveals the award winning pubs from his latest guide, from organic bolt holes to pubs with rooms (65,462 hits, 13 comments)

7. 50 places to eat in the great outdoors – from crab shacks to pub gardens, intrepid foodie and brilliant best-selling author Hattie Ellis tracks down the best of British (58,866 hits, 12 comments)

8. This year’s meteor shower – the Perseid meteor shower in August will be the greatest for years. Mark Hodson tells you where to watch it (55,191 hits, 24 comments)

9. Thailand’s terrible macabre museum – one trip to this gruesome Bangkok museum will change what you think about Thailand for ever, says Will Storr (46, 316 hits, 10 comments)

10. Mon Dieu! So fast it was terrifying – our correspondent was the only British journalist on board the French TGV train as it hit 357mph on yesterday’s record-breaking ride into the unknown (45,186 hits, 84 comments)

11. Cheap flights via US websites – you can save a fortune with BA and other airlines by booking flights on US-based websites. Mark Hodson explains how (45,059 hits, 16 comments)

12. 2007: what’s new at Britain’s theme parks – the new attractions and latest news from nine parks around the country (44,402 hits, 1 comment)

13. The Sunday Times’ smugshots – a gallery every week of your holiday images – the winner, chosen by and featured in The Sunday Times, will be sent a magnum of champagne (43,334 hits, 0 comments)

14. Airbus A380 – the complete guide – for Stephen Bleach, being a part of the inaugural A380 flight on Thursday was revolutionary… but not for all the right reasons (41,028 hits, 14 comments)

15. The world’s wildest delicacies – Matt Rudd checks out tarantula, puffer fish and puffin, and asks you to tell us your most adventurous foodie tales (37,047 hits, 62 comments)

16. The new 7 wonders of the world? – Two thousand years on, the Seven Wonders of the World are being chosen again – this time through a global internet poll (32,362 hits, 24 comments)

17. The wandering bears – a gallery of the world’s best travelled teddies and the overall winner (32,015 hits, 14 comments)

18. The 50 best travel websites of 2007 – another year of innovation and refinement as travel websites continue to become more niche, focussed and useful (31,954 hits, 14 comments)

19. A video tour inside the new A380 – armed with a video camera, Stephen Bleach feels the space on the world’s largest plane ahead of its first commercial flight on October 25 (30,253 hits, 8 comments)

20. The world’s 20 best hotels on a budget – how to find a gorgeous place to stay, with stylish service, stunning views and epic bedrooms without breaking the bank (26,990 hits, 9 comments)


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