Posted by: jowanderer | January 26, 2008

10 Notable Diet Books of 2008

New Year, New Diets

Around every New Year, publishing houses flood bookstore shelves with a plethora of new diet titles, hip to the hordes of repentant holiday bingers who are desperately trying to make their weight-loss resolutions stick. And there are more and more of us in that category every year. The new crop of diet books runs the gamut — from low-carb to vegan to anti-caffeine to tea-around-the-clock. Some books appear based on sound nutritional advice; others decidedly less so. TIME’s Andrea Sachs explores the 10 most notable diet books of the New Year.

Slim for Life

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By Dr. Gillian McKeith
Plume; $16; 223 pages

This book is like having a smart nutritionist in your pocket. To start the program, keep a food diary for a week — 100% honesty, please — and assess your real eating habits (“There is often very little correlation between the first utterance of ‘I eat healthily’ and the practical reality.”) Keep all the packaging from everything that you eat and drink, healthy or unhealthy, for those seven days. Put everything in a large box or bag. By the end of the week, you’ll be hip to your personal dietary situation. To get into a more healthful groove, cut out sugar, junk food, salt, and white rice; eat more raw fruits and vegetables. Exercise every day — for health, better sleep, a better mood, and even a better sex life. Drink more water, and don’t shop when you’re hungry. In short, this book is a helpful compendium of nutritional wisdom.


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