Posted by: jowanderer | April 20, 2008

The Five Best Blogs

Thursday, Apr. 10, 2008

The Five Best Blogs


Want to get into the blogosphere but don’t know where to start? sorts out the signal from the noise with its first blog index The Top 5:

1. THE HUFFINGTON POST The political blog against which all others are measured, it has an absurd mix of writers–from political visionaries to celebrity dimwits–that’s proved to be the Web’s killer editorial model.

2. LIFEHACKER Full of tips, shortcuts, downloads, websites, do-it-yourself projects and how-tos for getting small things done and moving on with life.

3. METAFILTER Still one of the best “you never know what you’ll read today” destinations, it lets users contribute links highlighting interesting stuff he or she finds on the Web.

4. TREEHUGGER The most complete of the hundreds of grassroots green blogs, it ranks among the top 20 blogs in traffic worldwide.

5. POSTSECRET People mail in postcards with secrets. It’s that simple, and that compelling.


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