Posted by: jowanderer | October 26, 2008


消化餅屑       1杯(as you wish)
溶牛油           1/3杯
魚膠粉           3匙
忌廉芝士        500克
砂糖              3/4杯
忌廉              1/2杯
lemon juice    ( squeeze in some if you like)
i can’t find the nestle one, use this (250ml)

vary the cream:cheese as you like
i’ll do 1:1 ( 250ml:250g)
if you want it to be more fluffy, increase the proportion of cream
1. 消化餅屑及牛油混合壓於餅模底,放入雪柜。魚膠粉用1/2杯熱水溶化。
2. 拌勻忌廉芝士至軟,加入砂糖,再加已拌成泡沫的忌廉及魚膠粉水。 (do it slowly to keep the bubbles )
3. 將(2)倒入雪至硬身的餅模中,放入雪柜約2-3小時即成。


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